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Do you think that one day PMP could developed to be a Master such as MBA but in project management ?
I wish if PMP one day could developed to be a Master degree such as MBA but in Project management not just a Certificate or Diploma.
Do you think that's possible or not and why ?
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There's already MPM programs (Master of Project Management). The difference between these and the PMP is that you can have no actual project experience to finish the degree and you'd still need the experience to sit for the PMP later on.
One class in a masters program is approximately the same hour requirements as is needed for the PMP classroom training. A complete masters program requires 10 such classes so evolving a PMP into a masters program would be roughly a 10x increase in effort.
yes but at the end of the day you have a Master degree which is 10 times higher than a certificate
Hi Mohamed,
I'm not sure about that. PMP is a professional certification and an MPM (That exists already)is an academic certificate.
There are already Business schools that offer MBA in Project Management.
It depends. There are tons of PM Masters degree out there, though.

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