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Cost Estimate for New Website Revamp or Development Projects ?
How to share an estimate of the website before knowing in detail the requirement of all modules? In digital agencies, we get 3-4 hrs to review the website and share the estimate for the same. Please help how to get rid of this problem.
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If you need to estimate prices so quickly then I expect you'll need some standard packaged services with predefined pricing and options (e.g. static content, SEO, content-managed, full e-commerce solution). Take a look at the kind of packages offered by some of your competitors. When issuing an estimate be sure to stipulate what is excluded as well as what's included.
yes we do get only less than a day to give estimates. We can give a high level estimate, breakdown by functionalities, separated by dev, qa, ba, pm and release activities.
That is where analogous estimates, parametric estimates, and expert judgement come in. Analogous estimates base your estimate off a prior job about the same size and complexity. Parametrics compare a prior job to the new job and scale up or down as appropriate. Expert judgement is needed to ensure a valid comparison.

One of my favorite humorous terms for an exercise related to this is a BOGSAT estimate: Bunch Of Guys/Gals Sitting Around a Table. PMI would refer to that as "building consensus".
There are different websites you might have to estimate such as landing pages, blogs, e-commerce, etc. Firstly, the categorization of the customer's request in terms of the type of website is needed. Then, if you have experienced in the development of a particular group of the websites then, indeed, it is easy to use parametric or analogous techniques based on the functional modules requested by customer (e.g. authorization, review comments, numerous kind of filters for the search). So, two-three hours to provide estimations is quite feasible. However, if there is a low level of experience in the development of a certain group of websites it is unlikely that experts are able to do a breakdown structure and find the appropriate technology stack for a couple of hours because this kind of job is a feasibility study. You could use an expert judgment approach but it would be time-consuming.
I do agree with Keith

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