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Can i write questions for PMP?
Can i write questions and share with PMP? Will i get any credit for this monetarily or with PDU's? Please share thoughts.
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Maruthi -

PMI controls the questions which make up their exams and they conduct regular exam item writing sessions with volunteers to do this. You won't be paid for it but you do get PDUs.

I'd suggest checking the VRMS for the next opportunity to do this...

Thanks Kiron. What is VRM and how to be informed on the next writing session?
VRMS is PMI's Volunteer Relationship Management System which enables you to search for volunteer positions with PMI HQ and local chapters. It is available here:

Thanks Kiron,
I am benefiting from your feedback ..
Kiron is correct! There are sessions held every few years and you need to apply through VRMS. It is normally held over a weekend.

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