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What applications that integrate with Teams would you recommend for managing an ERP Migration project?
I'm functioning as the Internal PM for my company's ERP Migration / Implementation project. We're in very early stages, and I'll need a robust tool to manage the project that ties into our Teams site. Any recommendations? (Trello is not preferred). We'd like it to function similarly to Microsoft Project - which oddly enough does NOT integrate with Teams :(
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Did you try Planview/ppmpro?
I don't use teams, but Jira has a connector with it. Maybe Jira?
Hi Sophia, Did you have a chance to check Odoo application ?

Please do let me know if you are looking for any support!
Wrike integrates with teams. I haven't used it, much (still using MS Project), so I can't provide a direct comparison beyond 'similar, but different'.
Wrike, Odoo, Jira.
OpenLibre is the open source form of Project - so it functions very similarly. Not sure the best way to integrate it but you should find some info online
Please provide more information on how you plan to use this tool within MS Teams.
I'll share from my experience, happy to assist further if you think this info might help you. I'm sure others will chime in with new/additional details or more efficient methods...
You mention Trello is not preferred - so I'm guessing that you don't want to use a Kanban board which is available in MS Teams - it is called Planner, and perhaps this app is available as part of your default company license. MS offers Planner as Project Lite! Planner has its place but not as a replacement for the level of control that MS Project offers.
Are you aware that when you setup a team in MS Teams by default a SharePoint site is created along with the team (setup through the tab bar at the top of the channel). You could use MS Project and do a few things - 1) store your MS Project plan on the MS Teams SharePoint and access either through MS Teams/SharePoint or sync the SharePoint to your desktop or OneDrive and access Project through the file explorer or save a shortcut to your desktop. This allows you to work in Project and others can access it on SP if they have the proper licensing.
2) You could also work in Project (doesn't matter where it is stored - say it's on your desktop as a local file) and do a two-way dynamic link to SharePoint to export the plan and post it on SharePoint. Then whenever you open Project it will sync with SP and pull in updates from SP and export updates from Project to SP - you set the priority of which instance takes precedence over the other (e.g. you maintain the master file and the team makes status updates on SP).
3) The sneaker route - In Project do save-as Excel Workbook (you then define which data fields are exported from Project) and next format the Excel file any way you like so that your users can easily view the data - I format the data to look and feel similar to Project,otherwise the output isn't easy to read or consume.
The above was a bit of a brain dump but feel free to DM if you want more info.

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