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OMG! Do You Have To Dial Another Conference Number And A Pin? No You Don't. Automate!
OMG! Do You Have To Dial Another Conference Number And A Pin? No You Don't. Automate!

Now that we are staying more and more at our homes. We are dialing to conference calls left and right. We are dialing to talk to our teams. We are dialing to talk to our partners. We are dialing to talk to our vendors.

Instead of pressing those numbers over and over and over and waiting and waiting. Automate!

One caveat. I assume you don't use a rotary phone and are using a smart phone.

We'll use the following scenario in our example.

Say that you need to call the following conference phone number:

123 123 1234

Then there is an automated message asking you to press the pin:

123 456 78

Then the automated message tells you to press:


Just copy and paste the following into your document for later use and then paste into your phone and press Dial:


The comma (,) signifies a

wait period. If you know long the automated message is just add comma for every


Just like magic. Let the Automation do all of the:

Phone keying


Pin keying

And # (hash/pound) pressing for you!

Do you have a time saving tip?


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We need not to dial in a number and a pin to get into a conference as MS Teams does it all. In case of Skype for Business to save time or automate this for more than one user, you can use the Set-CsOnlineDialInConferencingUser cmdlet in powershell
I feel your frustration. We have weekly mtgs via teleconf and MS Teams. To make things a little more complicated for the teleconf, if you are organizing the meeting there is a moderator number you need to have/ remember. After some growing pains, our entire Department (100,000 plus) people are now using MS Teams to communicate, which has turned out to be very good.

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