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PMP Certification Exam
Dear Member, Need suggestion and guidance for strategies and preparation for PMP Exam. Any online portals for taking Mock test and at what level of preparation we should take actual exam.
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I used Rita's Book and PMBOK for preparation.
I used prepcast exam simulator, I would highly recommend it.

From my experience, the best advise I can give to you in terms of study plans and resources is the following: (Provided you are taking the current version of the exam)

- PMBOK 6th Edition + Exam Content Outline
- Rita Mulcahy’s PMP Exam 9th

Study both resources, not only one as they complement each other.

Courses and Simulation Exams:
- RMC Solutions (Simulation Exams)
- PM PrepCast (Simulation Exams)
- Udemy (Joseph Philips Course)

The timeline for taking the new exam has been extended to January 2021 due to the current global pandemic situation.

Hope this helps - Good Luck !

In addition to the information provided above, I would strongly recommend searching for and reading the numerous existing threads on the same topic. You will find great resources, tips, and other information there that you may not get.

Good Luck!
PMBOK and Rita´s book are a must. Need to read / study at least twice.

Practice as many questions as you can. That will help you to master the concepts and get fit for the exam, exactly as in sports. There are schools of thought that tell you it is better to do only a few (200-500) good questions. That was not my experience; I answered about 2,500 questions at least. There are several paid and free sources you might want to use:
1. PMI site free 200 questions
2. Certquad PMP examination prep
3. PMP exam prep A Ramdayal
4. PMP Exam prep S. Payne
5. Aileen Ellis books
6. Apps with questions. Look for the best rated ones.

Affordability was important for me. So I subscribed to Kindle Unlimited to look for study materials.

Complement your sudy by watching videos on specific subjects. It helps a lot when you get tired of reading. I like the Praizion ones.

I term of sites/questions, I liked:
examcentral, pmstudycircle, oliverlehmann, edward-designer

Might seem old fashioned, but writing your own flash / study cards still helps a lot.

This is what helped me pass the exam with above target ratings acroos the board.

Good luck !!
PM PrepCast (Simulation Exams) is pretty good.

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