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If a person is unable to clear the exam but he/she has strong projects management knowledge with the required skills. What he/she should do?
Please share your experiences.
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After more than 30 years of working in all type of projects/programs with all type of companies around the world I did not see a company that hire a person because the certifications. I always see a company hire a person because the expertisse. Just my personal experience.
A certification does not define the professional, rather their experience, knowledge, and capabilities.

That said, if did not pass the exam, try again!
A certification is merely an indication that someone has an in-depth knowledge in project management but in no way does it confirm someone’s ability to manage projects.
Certifications are not only way to showcase one's knowledge, one's attitude & response to a situation also indicate the level of knowledge.
It really depends. Here in Ireland, candidates will often be screened out of roles if they do not have a formal PMP, Prince2, or Scrum accreditation.
I would emphasize PM experience and achievements in the CV, but realise that someone with accreditations will probably be fast-tracked to the next round over me. Honestly, I'd focus on passing that exam so my application has a better chance of getting processed.
Experience and expertise overcome a title or certification
re-take the exam:)
Sergio's comment is applicable, too.
Usually experience trumps certifications. But, it's good to have both.
Try hard
Certification is not everything. I would rather hire someone competent with experience, no certification than someone incompetent with several certifications.
That said, be strategic with your study. Look at past exams (practice and actual) to discover your our areas of weakness and address them. Get a mentor/coach. Also consider audio methods of learning in addition to written (your learning style may be different).

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