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How can I volunteer online during this pandemic?
Hello all, I retired in 2019 but I am ready to do some volunteer work. Are any of you doing any volunteer work online during the pandemic?
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Hi Victoria,
I'm volunteering virtually with my local PMI chapter and as a strategic consultant for our church. We've been meeting 100% online and it's been working well, especially using Miro.

If you have a PMI profile, then complete your profile on and you will be receiving different volunteer opportunities and you can manually look for some too. This is the volunteer platform for PMI.

Hope this helps.

Hi Victoria - great to seen the enthusiasm to contribute!

Yes, as Rami and Jason shared, PMI chapter and VMRS. I'd also look into and find local meetup groups to join. I'm sure any group you find to join and actively participate would certainly appreciate assistance, for example, presenting a topic and one of the group meetups.
Look for volunteer opportunities in the PMI chapter of your country. Find your PMI chapter in this link:

besides volunteering for PMI, and most global positions are virtual, I also found good opportunities to

- mentor people virtually in finding a job or in their PM career
- support refugees in Germany, in my city (they just need someone to talk with, explain government agency letters etc) - mainly thru whatsapp
- help apprentices in their learning and exam preps (I do this thru a volunteer organization, - good learning for me too

If you lived a consultant's life, you know it was just necessary to have read 2 pages more than the client, at any time

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