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Project management & COVID 19
If someone had said a year ago that you could manage projects from home without ever setting a foot in the office, you probably would have thought they were crazy!

But that’s exactly where things stand today.

Do you accept this statement?
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Well, I would have said it is possible, but management would not support it since they loose (perceived) control and it is just a deeply learned habit.

Since 2002, I had the privilege to work in virtual teams, remotely. If you do outsourcing, e.g. from Europe to India, you learn how to make it work.
Sometimes a sudden situation teach us that some unusual behaviors, as remote work are possible, using adequate technologies and coordination. Remote work has many benefits, such as save transport time and work with virtual teams that are located in any place in the world.
It is a blessing in disguise for some of us. I think we will definetely have more benefits like save in transport time and cost etc
I work in a six state healthcare system and managed our planning for MERS and Ebola remotely. For some projects it's certainly more effective to get people in a room for key meetings, but most projects can be managed remotely. I'm expected to make or exceed project deadlines, budget, and quality regardless of where I sit.
No. I am performing project management remotly from more than 20 years ago.
Yes based personal experience and also context...but they're PMs in some environments that have enormous experience working remotely
I was one of those PM already working remotely as my team members are located all over the world. That said I had to face the difference between voluntarily working remotely and working remotely due to a pandemic.
Depends on the maternity of your team, project and organization. If you are in a chaotic or really complex environment you will maybe face some problems.
There is a difference between working 90% remotely and 100% (Corona). The few times we could meet f2f and look into the others eyes directly were important to know each other at least a bit, being able to establish trust and becoming a human tribe/community/team.
projects can be done remotely, no doubt. But depending on the Customer. F2F solves many things.
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