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Q, answers and explanations in PMI mock exam confusing..any feedback or suggestions?
I am doing PMI mock exam and I find answers too confusing...too many assumptions considered... Also few times they refer proj docs as plans...Getting demotivated.
I gave Oliver L mock exams and scored 75% avg.
Free prep cast q - scored 80%.
Is the real PMP exam on similar lines Of PMI mock exam or if I just focus only paid prep cast that Would be fine?
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My suggestion will be to focus on what is the question being asked and look at the given answer and select the best answer. We cannot discuss the nature of the exams. Keep on practicing the sample exam and take it once only and study the reasons behind your wrong answers.
You need to do hundreds, even thousands of practice exams to see and understand the patterns. You have about 1 min 10 secs to answer each question on the exam. So, you don't have time to think. Rote memory works well, through lots of repetition and routine. It's also good to understand the question well enough to be able to answer it quickly on the exam without giving it a second thought.
Hi Bhavna - Some of the mock exams online are not from reliable sources so you may find wrong/confusing answers. I would recommend referring to reliable practice exams and recommended books for study
Thanks everyone for suggestions

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