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Hi I am writing to ask how I can prepare for my PMI certificate exam? Thanks.
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Hi Jing Zou,

There are many apps and online resources to help you prepare by testing your knowledge using exam like questions. These are a great resource. In addition, you can enroll with a R.E.P. on a study course or register with your local PMI chapter. Each chapter usually has study groups working towards PMP. The PMI also offers support on their site and advice on getting ready for the exam. Remember that you do need to demonstrate time worked in the profession. This too is important.

Good Luck.
Jing -

I'd recommend starting by downloading the PMP Handbook ( and reading it in full.

From there, you'd need to develop a learning plan to get ready to write the exam. As learning styles vary, you could go with self-study, a formal class, or some combination of the two.

Hi Jing,
Kiron just gave you the start point. You can find many other useful resources online.. Best of luck as you prepare and write

From my experience, the best advise I can give to you in terms of study plans and resources is the following: (Provided you are taking the current version of the exam)

- PMBOK 6th Edition + Exam Content Outline
- Rita Mulcahy’s PMP Exam 9th

Study both resources, not only one as they complement each other.

Courses and Simulation Exams:
- RMC Solutions (Simulation Exams)
- PM PrepCast (Simulation Exams)
- Udemy (Joseph Philips Course)

The timeline for taking the new exam has been extended to January 2021 due to the current global pandemic situation.

Hope this helps - Good Luck !


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