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Has anyone migrated from Jira to
We're following scrum style framework and have been using Jira and Confluence to record and track our project information (stories, bugs, project information etc.). However, we increasing our team size significantly and are considering moving away from Jira for various reasons (one of which being usability for new starters). has been recommended to us. I have had a brief trial and on the surface it looks good but I was wondering if anyone has longer term experience with it and could let me know if it's a reasonable replacement?

Thank you.
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I'll be happy to know of such longer terms experience as well.
Wow, this is interesting. I use Notion, though, been a ramp up. It is so powerful. I had actually not thought about it as an alternative to Jira (or any other similar tool).

Based on my research and interest in the capability, I do consider it as a reasonable replacement on the surface. Potentially, do a trial run using both, maybe one or two sprints. Administratively, would add work, but temporary.

Good luck!
That’s interesting. I never heard of it before so will be interested to see what others respond.
Notion has some characteristics of Trello in the style of boards, but there are more project-oriented functionalities. For another part, I recommend this new tool called TeleworkingMonitorint, which emphasizes in agile task administration in Trello, combined with global project indicators in Power BI.

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