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Questions You Would Ask Core Team Prior to Being Hired
Hello All,

I am curious what questions you would ask in the interview process to the core team. This would be after interviewing the hiring manager (direct report) and the executive director (oversight of strategy).

The team would be composed of Software Engineers, UX/UI Designers, Product Development, QA, Client Stakeholders, and Account Management Teams.

Often I find myself in hindsight wishing I asked particular questions during the interview process to get a good gauge of working behaviors.

Thanks can't wait to hear to the questions you would pose to the core team!

Best Regards,
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Nirav -

I'm assuming this is a software development project of some kind?

If so:

1. What is the purpose behind this project?

2. What is one thing you'd like to change about the project?

3. What do you expect from me?

I participated in this type of things and I make no questions. The only thing I do is say "tell me about who you create a solution to a client". During the story I guide her/him to know about things is my objective to decide about the matter.
I assume that you have completed job and qualification checks, so you know that they can do the job.
If you are interviewing them together, create a scenario for a mini-project, and give them 1 hour to solve it, while you observe from aside.
If you are interviewing separately, it's challenging to have a good gauge to determine "working behavior." You might ask questions that are based on scenarios, "What would you do if..." but generally, everyone will be on their best behavior. You will not be uncovered "true-self" vs "public-self" in a short interview. I usually go on a hunch while the individuals answer scenario questions.
Awesome, thank you everyone for your replies and insight! I will use this in the future. Scenario questions are a great understanding towards behaviors and tendencies. Also, I can't agree more on setting expectations (from both sides) early as the interview process.
Possible questions could be

a) What does success look like in this project, and how would you measure it?

b) What do you see as the most challenging aspect in this project?

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