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Charter updated?
After finalizing and approving project charter. I read somewhere that project charter is rarely updated and needs a sponsor approval.

During the project what changes can lead to change in the project charter? And does the project charter change submit to the CCB or Sponsor only? How about changes to the Benefits document? or Business case during the project?
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In my book, you would only change an accepted/executable charter if the project requires a reset, in which case you would re-solicit the acceptance of the original signatories. Otherwise, you handle any changes through the “charter described change-management process.”
James -

This varies by organization and even by portfolio within an organization. In general, I'd agree with George - a true charter is expected to sufficiently lightweight that if there is a material change required to it you are pretty much going to need to get re-authorization of the project.

It will depends on the defined project configuration control environment which the support for everything that happend in the defined project change management process.
Thank you all. This discussion was very helpful.
I have never seen a charter updated. In 40+ years.
A charter serves mainly as a governance tool to designate that there is a project. Any changes necessary will be handled by the change process.

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