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Document list not needing CCB?
Which all documents don't require a change request usually?
Example Issue log does not need a change request and gets updated when there is an issue/issue update
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Hi James,
Kindly rephrase your question for better understanding.
James -

I think you need to distinguish configuration management from change management. In general, most PM documents wouldn't need a change request to be updated other than ones like the charter or project management plan, as most others are expected to be "living" documents which are kept current throughout the life of a project.

It will depend on your governance requirements. If a document is under formal configuration control, then a change request is required because configuration management requires traceability to what drove the change.

Usually but not exclusively, change requests apply to the definition of the product, the processes and tools used to maintain configuration control of the product, along with their impacts to the cost, and schedule baseline. The formal cost/schedule baseline is often under configuration control, but the working plan is the living document that includes both the formal baseline, and the currently know deviations from the approved baseline.

Another consideration aside from what documents are under formal config control, is what level of definition requires CC. In early stages of a project, the project documentation may be under CC to WBS level 3 for example, to reduce the need for formal approval and the associated admin costs. If your change is down at WBS level 5 and doesn't affect the wording of the formal documents, then no change request. Likewise if you identify a cost change small enough that a single manager has the authority to accept it, then it doesn't require updating the formal plan and cost baseline.

There can be a very stark contrast between private industry and government contracts on what formal approval is required. Sometimes government agencies add a significant layer of additional process requirements to manage any change. Bureaucracy becomes the cost of avoiding inappropriate spending. Other times, governments may favor expediency, strip out the bureaucracy, and write off the missing millions of dollars as the cost of being agile.
Generally change requests are needed when cost/scope/time baselines are altered. Not all project documents editing should go to change control process. This may vary according to the special guidelines of the enterprise or institution.
There is no answer for your question because it will depend on the defined project governance process and the defined project change control process. I mean, what I can write here about the matter can be totally different for other person/organization.
Thank you all. I gather from this discussion usually baselines and Project management plan components need a change request. Others are living documents which are frequently updated like logs, registers etc

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