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Why are there so many questions in the PM Challenge that belong to the 5th edition of the PMBOK?
I have been studying and I notice that too many questions are relative to the 5th edition of the PMBOK, which is not functional to reinforce a study and considering that the exam is about to be updated to the 7th edition, something should be done about it.
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Juan Pablo -

PM Challenge is not for PMP exam studying purposes - think of it as just a trivia game. There are quality issues with some of the questions so I would avoid using it for that purpose.

Also, the new PMP exam is not being updated based on the PMBOK Guide, Seventh Edition. The new exam will continue to use the Sixth Edition among many other references.

The PM challenge is a good study tool in the sense that it creates a PM mindset in the candidate preparing to sit for the certification exams. But as Kiron mentioned, the exams will be on the sixth edition
I suggest you use the PM Challenge questions as flash cards but not more as they are far from the real exam and not fully updated to reflect the latest version of the PMBOK.

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