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Project Manager vs. Microsoft Project vs. other tools?
Has anyone used Project Manager ( in place of something like Microsoft Project? Is it worth the investment? Is it similar in tools and power to Microsoft Project? Do you prefer one over the other? Are there other tools that you suggest using instead?

Many people on our team use Macs and I'm worried about the potential incompatibilities with Microsoft Project, but don't want to spend a significant amount of money on Project Manager if it isn't worth it.

ANY advice or experience would be much appreciated. Thank you!!
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Hi Jessica, you have other options. I can't say what is best for your team's particular needs, but check out some of the options here and decide appropriately.
Hi Jessica,

I am also in the process of evaluating alternatives to Microsoft project. I am currently evaluating 1. Hive project management 2. smartsheet 3. Gantt pro and 4. Project Libre. Project Libre is free and is an almost exact replica of Microsoft Project but lacks online collaboration. Project Libre is compatible with Mac.
MS Project ($30 version) is accessible on any type of browser on any device.
Try Jira ($10 per month for ten people) - it has a template for a waterfall/traditional project management.

But I think the approach is misguided. You should seek understanding of why you want to use the tool. Is it management pushing you to deliver beautiful and on-the-spot reports? Is it the collaboration that you want to achieve? Is it task management? Answer the why and you it will help you sift through what's avail on the market.

Choosing a right tool is not easy, nor it should be taken without planning. I know, one of the firms I worked for chose a product X and on the surface it looked great but integration even within IT has been challenging.
I agree that it depends on what you are trying to use the tool for. I've been in a variety of organizations and each have used their own tools based on varying needs. Can you give a brief overview of what you want to achieve with a tool? Are you tracking very detailed WBS's or general task organization?
You have lot of free of charge tools for managing projects. The important thing is to see if those tools fits for your current defined project management process,

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