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Technology Trends vs Project Management
Discovered the field of IIoT a few years ago, where Automation, Data acquisition and Process Visualization combine to allow quick Data-Driven decision-making. Manufacturing, in particular, has been a field where these concepts have been at the core of operational performance.
Industry 4.0 has been a concept around us for quite some time. Disturbing many of the well-established processes that companies relied upon to provide reliable results. Operations on the shop floor and in the office, have been shaken by the insights that system integration provided.
As a young professional, this is the context I had to evolve as a Project Manager.
What was your context and how have you been affected by new trends along the way?
Just to comment, what today is called Management something.something is outside the from long time ago. I participated in those projects from long time ago and others did the same. I am writting this just in case you have to face the challenge my recommendation is going to search for information because you have a lot due to, in the contrary most of the people think, is a mature domain no matter new technologies has been incorporated.

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