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Ownership transfer
As per PMI standards which document contains details about "transfer of ownership" to be done while closing the project/phase? Is it the Charter or Project management Plan or any other?
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A charter would usually be at too high a level to provide such details. The PM Plan is a wrapper for all the assorted plans (e.g. communications, risk) created over the life of the project so it would belong in one of those.

I've tended to see this information usually summarized in the project closeout/summary report. The signoff on that artifact by the customer, sponsor and other key stakeholders confirms that there is agreement on the who/what/why/when/how of transfer of ownership. The details for any specific deliverable might be covered by a deliverable acceptance form or similar artifact.

We created our own document. Inside the PMBOK just a "Final Report" is listed, while the PMBOK do not prescribe just list the should be.
Thank you all
In the Program Management standard you will find the transition plan.

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