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PMP Certification Exam Best Practices!!
I am new to the group and just submitted my Certification Application to take the Exam. What are some tools you used to pass the test the first time
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Welcome to the community. I recently passed the exam in my first attempt. I found Rita Mulcahy's PMP Exam Prep 9th edition to be very helpful. I'll recommend you the following:

1. Go through the PMBOK Guide 2-3 times and focus on understanding the processes and their practical application.

2. The exam is designed to test your understanding of the concepts, so expect more situational questions.

3. With your application you must have received access to 200 sample questions from PMI. After doing your best preparation, attempt those 200 questions in one go in a period of 4 hrs. because that is how the real test will be.

4. While answering the questions don't depend on your real world experience.

Wish you all the very best.
Rita Mulcahy's exam prep is a good option. Check it on this link: and look for the preparation books and simulator

I recently Passed PMP with all ATs in first attempt.
Materials used:
1. Rita Mulcahy's PMP exam Prep Book - 9th Edition - Read it 2 times
2. PMBOK - Read it 2 times
3. Materials from "PMP QUEST" Training organized by PMI Bangalore

Mock Tests / Exam Simulator:
1. PM PrepCast Exam Simulator; 1400 Questions
2. Udemy "Mock tests for PMBOK 6th Edition - PMP® - Project Management Professional certification - PMI" . 300 Questions
3. some freely available online sources (; there was 1 from Simplilearn, etc…. Just do google search you will get) - roughly around 500 Questions
4. Scordo-PMP-Exam-Prep-Questions-Answers-Explanation - Around 1000 Questions
5. Questions from "Rita Mulcahy's PMP exam Prep Book - 9th Edition" - Around 400-500
6. Questions from "PMP QUEST" received during initial Training - 200 Question

Hints for preparation:
1. Prepare your individualized Training plan, just don’t go with only what you hear from the people who have cleared PMP. Everyone's learning approach is different.
2. Decide on which material you will use, and just stick to it, as there are lot of sources available.
3. I had to stop my preparation due to other commitments once, but I advise you not to stop once start preparing.
4. After reading Study materials once or twice, I strongly recommend to start taking mock tests; I found that these helped me to identify my weak areas, and then I went back and read those again.
5. Please take minimum of 3 to 4 Mock tests before exam. This helps to understand your speed and also you can plan your exam flow accordingly.
Ensure that after you finish mock tests, read the explanations (both correct and wrong options). This helps a lot.

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