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What are the differences between a Framework, Approach, Methodology or Model?
Been thinking about this one for awhile - What are the differences between a Framework, Approach, Methodology or Model?

For instance, Agile might be an approach within while multiple methodologies belong to, whereas Lean might be a framework to guide behavior.

Would be helpful to seek some more experienced perspectives to clarify these concepts once and for all. Thanks!
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Lean is not a framework. It is an approach. What this things are is not a matter of perspective. Is a matter of searching for definitions. My recommendation is going to the place where this type of things have been studied and reasearch from years: the SEI CMU (Software Engineering Institute, Cargnegie Mellon University) which is the place where I studied and I am participating on research and teaching and to the IEEE Standards on the matter. Inside the IEEE people can search for the specific standard on the matter.
A methodology is a theoretical construct - what most people are referring to when they used that word is really "method".

Method and framework are interchangeable - both provide specific guidance with "some" level of flexibility.

An approach is a generic term - it can imply a whole set of practices or just a single practice.

And finally, a model is just a construct intended to help us understand something in the real world.

I would define them a bit differently.

An approach a way to reach a goal but it could be anything, like we will just wait and see if the problem goes away. Method by contrast implies order (meta), so a method is an organized approach.

A framework is an underlying structure that we customize to develop a finished product. Think about the framing of a house. That defines the overall shape, but within those walls we can pick and choose how to finish the building. In that way, a framework is similar to a methodology, which is a chosen set of methods used to approach a solution.

A model is some tool we create to serve as a simplified representation of some system of interest. By examining the model, we hope to gain more insight into the real world thing it represents. In PM, we often see cost models, schedule models like network diagrams, process flows, prototypes, and other approximations of things. It is often far easier, faster, and less costly to experiment on the model, than to experiment on the project directly.
Framework: A collection of specific practises and ideas that have been proven useful in a specific context that teams can use as a basis to create their own methodology.
Methodology: Techniques, procedures, working concepts and rules how to solve a problem.
Model: A representation and simplification of reality developed to convey information to a specific audience to support analysis, communication and understanding.
Approach: Specific values and principles in the way of working a team chooses in a specific context to reach a goal.

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