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Hello All,

I'm currently prepping for the CAPM exam. I have completed the Project Management Basics course offered by PMI and also the LinkedIn Learning prep course with the practice exam. I'm scoring 85-92% on the PMI practice exams (fairly basic, more definitional type of questions) and around 70-80% on LinkedIn Learning (more scenario based questions). My question would be if there is anyone else here that has taken both practice exams that could clarify which one most resembles the real CAPM exam? Most questions I'm missing on LinkedIn are actually referencing some topics from the PMBOK 5th edition as well. That makes me nervous but also makes me doubt their practice exam a bit. Any help is appreciated.
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The exam and its questions are a little bit different compare to the time that I took the exam. however, you may find some new PMPs who recently pass the exam. Check the linkedin for the new people who posted their PMP certificate.
I highly recommend you go through some simulation tests. A good source of simulation exams is PM PrepCast.

Good Luck !

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