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New PMP exam
Hello Friends, As I understood with New PMP exam will now more focus on agile methodology (almost 50%), while as I know from Agile manifesto that it is mainly used in Software / IT industry. "Working software is the primary measure of progress.". Now for Agile, PMI already have separate certification PMI - ACP. Then why PMI want to enforce Agile in regular PMP exam as it might be not being used so often in Non IT industry?
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Hi Vivek,
Genuine concern here.... Hoping to get answers too
Folks -

While the Manifesto and frameworks such as Scrum or XP are software development-focused, adaptive life cycles and many of the tools and techniques associated with agile are applicable to many different types of projects outside of IT.

PMI's recognition that being an effective PM means you have multiple tools in your toolbelt which can be applied based on the context of your project has driven this shift away from the traditional waterfall, heavy process focus on the exam.

Spot on feedback from Kiron, totally agree.

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