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Online proctor test via PearsonVue is wasting time and cost!!
PMI and Pearsonvue are wasting our time and cost.
They do not respect the voice of customers.
The problem Pearsonvue centers are closed and we have only the choice of online proctor exam.
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Did you still have problems doing the exam online ?
Yes, brother Rami.
The problem the pearsonvue center is closed in my country and thus why I do not have any alternative choice.
Sorry to hear that. One would think they did resolve all their online issues so far but it seems not from what you said.
I've taken tests online and had no issues with the proctoring service. Even when I had an internet outage during the test, I was easily able to rejoin the test; the proctor even called me to help if needed.

I don't think Mansour has a problem with the online test, but his problem is that he cannot take tests at a local testing center. Am I missing your point, Mansour?

Many people complain about this issue, the proctor guide does not appear and they just give a message " Don't worry , we will reschedule free of charge" it seems a message from server and they neglect for some students because they have a big queue as I guess.

Specially in Sep and Oct, 2020 (becuz I did on 26th sep,2020. and 8th of oct,2020 and the same neglect happened for me.

+1 here, I had an issue with one of the PV proctor and PMI rescheduled my exam for FREE

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