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PMP Examination-- November 2020
I am preparing for PMP and panning to finish it by November 2020. I am relying on PMBOK and one test plan where I watch videos and give tests and later will give full length tests to gain more confidence. Am I missing something? How can I make sure that I am doing the right thing and I am close to what I am aiming for?
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It depends on your background. An average score of 80 in a good exam simulator is an excellent score!
Of course, this is no guarantee because everyone's exam is different, but at least it is a good indicator. I couldn’t just pass the PMP exam by just reading the PMBOK guide. The PMP exam is considered one of the most difficult Professional certification exams mostly because of its huge syllabus.
Good Luck
Practice your self on lengthy questions.....lengthy means "Scenario Base Question"...... PMP exam will consist on 80% scenario and situational based questions.

Find good simulator to practice situational and Scenario based question. Situational and Scenario means " conceptual" question. If your concept is clear, you can select better answer. Better does not mean correct answer...mostly it will be correct but better means if your precision is not on accurate level to understand the question and you are selecting an answer that is better as per your understanding. Conceptual, Situational and Scenario based questions will increase your accuracy to understand the questions and ultimately your precision for selection of correct answer instead of better answer. You will get score based on correct answers.

In my point of view or as per my project requirements, maybe the answer "b" is better but as per PMI guidelines, the answer " A" is correct. So select " Correct" because correct will give you the score.

Conclusion: Do best practice to gain more accuracy and precision...practice questions will increase your IQ.

I think you probably would need more resource like Rita Mulcahy exam prep book and also work on solving as much simulation exams as possible. A good source of those is PM PrepCast.

The exam is mostly situational so please be careful.

Good Luck.

I took a 1 week course. Reading the book and doing simulation questions will not cut it. I wrote and passed the first time around.
Hi Prachi,
I strongly recommend use of Rita Mulcahy's Book & 3 to 4 full length mock tests.

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