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Certifications vs Qualifications
I saw a great comment on LinkedIn, this morning. A user had posted his long list of badges to prove his "qualifications." Another user responded that those were his certifications, not his qualifications. Qualifications come with experience and/or licensing. Certifications show that you've passed a test, but can't prove that you've learned anything.

This should hit home to anyone caught in the PM race for additional certifications. It's not about who can put the most letters after their names, it's about who can deliver the most value.

For my part, I have to say that there was a lot of education involved in getting my PMP, but my most valuable lessons came from my own stupid mistakes. Those can't be taught in a classroom, they have to be earned by experience.
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Yes, you right, however getting certification like PMP is more valuable to get a job at famous companies and I struggling to get it more than 4 years.
Agreed ! Certifications are merely an indication that someone have in-depth knowledge in certain domain or field but in no way reflects someone’s qualification or ability to do the job. Certifications indicate that someone has commitment to the profession and to improving themselves.

Some pursue certifications to expand their knowledge as it is one way to do so, others pursue it for other reasons. I am not here to judge people but for me, the journey is what matters most.

Of course, pursuing multiple certifications should come after many years of experience. If that “Race” you are referring to is being pursued by a newbie PM then not sure he or she will benefit much from it.

In today’s rapidly evolving world, professional development is becoming a necessity more than an option.
Great post Wade.
A slight twist on the conversation... certifications are qualifications when they are listed on a job description and are used to determine whether, or not, you should be interviewed.

What they say about you is that you met the criteria to receive the credential. Depending on the certificate, this could be paying a fee, taking a class, taking a test, a specific amount of education and experience, or a combination of these things. Some are more valuable than others, but HR often doesn't know the difference.

So, basically, certifications can make you qualified to be interviewed. It's during the interview that you get to share what you know and convince those doing the hiring that you really are qualified to be hired for the position and a fit for the company.
Wade, what I like about certifications that follow one's demonstrated experience is the process of overlaying the intellectual framework on one's observations. This adds theory in addition to the industry's collective experience, which I believe is a powerful combination.
Resonates well with my answer to the most repeated question...'Now I am certified?, what should I do next?. Answer - 'Go and do something useful with the added wisdom' and they get disappointed. The expected answer is 'Next certification'. Some learn things without certifications, some with one, some never improve. To be honest, I do not recruit anyone with a big list of certifications in the same domain, instead my focus is on what he has done. The differentiator is the passion to excel in the profession.
Dear Wade
Interesting your question
Thanks for sharing
A certificate is the form that is used by people to demonstrate that they have the knowledge (passed the exam)
Is there a difference between knowledge and skills? Certainly
A competence is the application of knowledge in the resolution of concrete and specific situations
What do companies and / or organizations seek? Knowledge or Skills?
@Wade Harshman - that quote hits home in more ways than one. And like yourself, my greatest successes are attributed to quickly dusting myself off after a hard fall off the 'ol wagon'! Thx

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