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Looking for some advice on how to create a detailed change management plan with task list as an example.
I'm planning to create a detailed change management plan as there will be a large effect in the organization. I'm not the PM, but I will be supporting the PM in regards to change and employee expectations.
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First thing to understand is: are you talking about organizational change management or project change management? The second one is a subset of the first one. Beyond that, my recommendation is taking a look to PMI´s standards and practice guides on the matter.
Maria -

Based on your description, it looks like you are referring to an organizational change management plan. If so, before you can start on that, you should develop an OCM strategy based on the context of the expected changes - that will then help to frame your plan.


yes, there are several templates for OCM (organizational change management) out there, you might want to use one of them as a start.
Look out for ADKAR,, the 8 steps of John Kotter etc. There is whole OCM industry. Hence there is no one task list, it depends.

OCM takes over when a project creates product which should be used by people to create benefits (users). These users must be 'convinced' to change their behavior (to use the product in the intended way), so it is rather about influencing people and not designing processes. Typically, you can loose 10% or more staff during the process, maybe Corona helps as everybody is better used to change behavior now.

I said OCM takes over, but it should start way before the project ends, even when requirements (of users) are identified.

Good luck, and let me know if you need specific help.

See my response here:

The project manager may have already done some work for you (or you may do some work for the PM) with a stakeholder list and communication plan. There is some overlap between PM and OCM, but most of the overlap is really just a starting point for OCM; your stakeholder list is larger than the list the PM is typically concerned with and your communication needs are greater. Your concern is change at the individual level. Much like the project, your job is to understand the current state of the organization, work with the sponsor to create and share the vision for the desired state, and bridge the gap. The difference is that your focus is the people.

Another similarity to project management is that you can create a WBS, starting at the work package level. Start with the What (work packages) and build out the How (tasks) as appropriate. You may not need to track every task in a work package. You can work with the PM to build the CM activities into the overall project schedule.
If you are referring to prduct changes, I would advise doing at least some high level research in configuration management. Change mgmt is an subset of config mgmt so any processes regarding how changes are managed should consider the higher level process group.

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