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Preparing for PMP Exam, what materials/resources should I invest in?
I have just been approved to take my PMP Cert exam. Before I book my test date, I am looking to find the proper reading/resource materials. Being that there are so many different books, courses, free PDFs, practice tests, etc., what specifically do you think I should buy/download to best help me prepare.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I love this community already and have been holding off on this exam for far too long!
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RMC Rita Mulcahy Exam Prep book is a good resource for a start, assuming you read PMBoK after that. Cornelius Fichtner by Prepcast has good set of mock exam questions and informative contact hours video course.
I just recently passed the PMP exam. I have done the following:

1. Please see the below Exam content outline for the current PMBOK Edition:
For 2021 Exam Outline:

2. Read PMBOK Guide 3 times.
3. Read PMI Code of Ethics
4. Project Management Professional Handbook
5. Simulation Test
6. Watch some YouTube video explaining the relationship of the processes and knowledge areas.

You can DM me if you want recommendation of on the simulation test I purchased.

Good Luck!
William made a good point.
Review PMBOK several times. Practice sample multiple-choice questions.
I have also recently passed the PMP exam and would recommend the following resources:

1) PMBOK Guide 6th Edition
2) Rita Mulcahy Exam Prep 9th Edition
3) Joseph Phillips Exam Prep Course on Udemy
4) Ricardo Vargas PMBOK Guide Processes Video on YouTube
5) PMI Free Mock Test - 200 Questions
6) PM PrepCast Exam Simulator

The exam content is changing in January 2021 so I would recommend doing the current version as soon as possible.
based on my experience

1.) PMBOK Guide 6th Edition
2.) Rita Mulcahy Exam Prep
3.) Joseph Phillips Course on UDEMY
4.) LinkedIn Group from Oliver F. Lehmann "I wanna be a PMP"
5.) Website from Oliver F. Lehmann With helpful links with mock Tests
6.) Ricardo Vargas Process explanation on YouTube and in the print version from his website.
7.) Different coursed About PMP on UDEMY & PLURALSIGHT

Please take care about the changing exam Content, the above topics are valid for PMBOK 6th Edition till end of 2020!
Azhar gave some good resources. Besides PMBOK, I highly recommend you read Rita Mulcahy exam prep book and solve simulation exams via PM PrepCast.

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