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Steps in change control - assessing change

I am getting mixed information as to how to proceed when a change occurs on a project.

Rita M's book states that you should access the impact to project constraints prior to submitting the change to the CCB. However, in Cornelious F PMPrepcast, it is stated to submit the change first to the CCB before doing anything else.

Can someone please help me clarify?

Thank you!
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Would you really want to present a change request in front of an approval board without having first considered the impact of what you are requesting? They are going to ask questions, and you would be well advised to anticipate what they will ask and how you will respond.

You may not understand all the impacts of the proposed change yet, but if you demonstrate that you have not even considered the feasibility, you are likely to get a very cold response from the board.
Ketti -

Sometimes there might be the need for there to be an initial review of a change request to determine if analysis is warranted or not. This often happens in projects when the team is under pressure to hit a deadline and diverting their attention to review a change request would cause delays. The change decision maker might want to do an initial review of all new CRs to confirm if they are worth analyzing or not...

Different publications of Project Management change the order of the steps to follow in a Change Control Process, but basically, a first analysis is required to submit it to the CCB, because you need fundaments to support the need of the change.
If you are not talking about something specific for the exam my recommendation is going to IEEE standards related to configuration control. Change management has to be consider inside that context. You have the PMI´s standards on the matter but in my personal opinion, no matter I was part of the group that worked on them, PMI´s standards on the matter have low consistence. Go for IEEE standards.
I agree with Kiron as well as Sergio.
PMBoK Guide is ambigious if the answer depends on the project. Both Rita and Cornelius describe possible scenarios.

I have seen change processes where the initiator is not the best analyst for a CR or CRs are numerous, so there is a first approval if the CR is accepted and then the appropriate roles get the order to analyze the change and make a recommendation. This then goes to the CCB.

The key point is there has to be analysis, the costs for this have to be bourne by somebody ( I saw the customer pay) and a CCB has to make the final decision. It does not stop there, the change order has to included in the plan and executed, checked and approved.
Though in reality it may depend on the context of best practices in an organization. For exam purposes, depends on how the question is worded. if "determine an analysis of the change" is one of the multiple choice answers, then that is correct. Otherwise, if that answer is not available, then it would be "submit the change request" first.

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