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Validate scope - for incomplete deliverables if a project closes?
I came across this question. I thought the correct answer was 'Close Project or Phase', but it seems to be 'Validate Scope'. Can someone help me understand?

You are in charge of a project to build a bridge across a river. You are midway through the project. However due to changes in environmental laws the project can no longer proceed and would need to be terminated. Executive management has asked you to document the level of work completed for the project. Which of these processes is used to do this?

Close Project or Phase
Close Contract
Develop Project charter
Validate Scope


Thank you!
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Validation is to ensure that the solution completely and correctly addresses the need. The request is not for you to close the project yourself, but rather to document how much of the solution has been completed. In this case, you would be validating that half the work is complete, and which aspects are complete vs. incomplete.
Makes sense. Thank you!
According to the question, executive management has asked you to document the level of work completed for the project. To do this, it's needed to validate the deliverables that have been completed, and this is a Validate Scope process. Close Project or Phase goes later.
To understand the level of work completed for a project, you need to compare actual work done with what was planned in the scope. In other words, what's your variance. Or, what has been done, and what has not been done. To find this out, you need to start by validating the scope.

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