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PMI-ACP plan
Hi everyone,

I just finished a 29 hour course on Pluralsight for PMI-ACP certification preparation. Additionally, my PMI-ACP certification application has been approved, so I can schedule to sit for the exam within the next year.

Here's a quick background on myself, and my plan to pass the PMI-ACP exam. I've been a Software Development Manager for the past five years, implementing a hybrid Agile approach(I use portions of Kanban and Scrum, depending on the type of project we're working on). That said, this experienced combined with the Pluralsight course leaves me feeling confident in my general understanding of the Agile principals, and the various implementations of it. However, I still realize that there is work to be done to pass this exam, and here we arrive at the purpose of my post.
I would love if I could get some feedback on my plan to pass the PMI-ACP certification! Here it is below:

1) 2.5-3 months of studying 30 minutes to 1 hour a day. I'm not one of those people who can cram for an exam, I like a slow and steady approach; I'm a marathon runner, not a sprinter.
2) The study time will be spent primarily using the PMI-ACP Exam Prep book, second edition, by Mike Griffiths.
3) I'd like to schedule my exam 2.5-3 months from now, when I'm feeling confident, and pay for it then. I'm hoping once you pay for an exam you can sit for it shortly after the payment goes through.

Any comments or feedback on the plan above? Would love to hear any type of constructive feedback.

Thank you!
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Hi. Your plan is yours to follow. However, I doubt if you can build deep study momentum in 30 mins to 1 hour of study per day. Perhaps go for 2 hours at least. Cheers.
Hi Mike ! I'm also marathon runner . I tried to keep a sustainable pace of studying (1~1.5 hour per day) for studying. Mike Griffiths's book is my favourite book to pass the exam. And, please spend the last month before the real exam to practice sample exam questions and fill gaps.
The best plan is the one that works for you. You need to consider your available resources, restriction, and circumstances.
Michael, you should be very well prepared for it after that much work! I put under eight hours of studying into it by reading Andy Crowe's prep book and doing the practice questions and passed the exam within 45 minutes. The exam focuses a lot of understanding the application of the values & principles and from a method perspective, there are more Scrum-related questions than any other.

Thank you for this thread Michael and also to those with the book recommendations. Do you or anyone have any pointers on the best way to track and assert your experience for the application? I've been tracing the Agile Practice Guide and documenting use of the concept or tool as my project progresses. However, the application tracks in months and not hours as in the PMP process? Thank you to all.
As long as you went through Mike’s book and the PMI Agile Guide, and understood them properly then you should be fine.

I suggest you solve many simulation exams from resources like PM PrepCast to boost your confidence and adapt to the exam questions style because most of the exam is situational.

Good Luck.
Thanks so much, everyone. Appreciate it.

Question about scheduling the exam. How often do they host PMI-ACP certification exams? Could I pay for it 2.5 months from now, and expect to register to sit for the exam within 2 weeks of that(i.e. take my exam 3 months from now, but not pay/register until 2.5 months from now).
It depends on the availability of testing centres if you are doing it in a centre but if you are doing it online, then from what I heard, there is no issue with availability.

To be on the safe side and given the current pandemic, I would give 1 month instead of 2 weeks.

Good Luck !

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