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Education from Coursera or Udemy
Hi members,
I’m looking to prepare PMI PBA exam in addition to PMP.
Regarding hours of required minimum education, I was recommended from a colleague to take digital education from Coursera and Udemy.

I couldn’t find whether the education is qualified by PMI.
If there is anyone of you have the same experience as me, please share your knowledge with me.
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Seeing webinars in this platform do not counts like minimum education? I am saying that because in my personal opinion you do not need to pay for a course to prepare for the exam. But in the case you posted you need the hours indeed.
The course normally mentions of it is eligible for PDU’s or not. As for qualified by PMI or not, you can still apply those PDU’s even if it is not a PMI registered provider. They might just require more checking from PMI’s side but if the course is good, I don’t see any reason for them to reject it.
Contact Cheryl Lee ( She runs PMI-PBA training, and can probably answer more PMI-PBA questions for you.

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