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PDUs for webinar
Hi Everyone.. How does PDUs get calculated for webinar.. According to CCRS handbook, we get the PDUS for presentation and creating contents too. Need help in knowing it so that I can claim accordingly.
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PDU's for webinars are calculated taking as basis its duration. A one hour webinar means 1 PDU. A half-hour webinar means 0.5 PDU. You can find webinars to continue your Project Management education at this link:
In each webinar, PDU's granted according to the Talent Triangle Alignment are detailed below the screen.
Hello Aditi, for the webinars on Project my recommendation is to make sure you are logged into the site with your PMI login. When you watch an On-demand webinar to the end it will update automatically. Check your "Account" for the records.
Sorry for the confusion. I mean when we are giving webinar, how PDUS are calculated . I know we can get 1 PDU for 1 hour presenting the content. Do we get any other PDUs for hours spent on creating the content.
Aditi -

Yes, when you are logging PDUs under the Giving back to the profession category, it is basically 1 PDU per hour of time spent doing so, so if you spent three hours creating a webinar and then one hour delivering it, you'd claim four PDUs on the CCRS.

In addition to what Kiron provided, Cornelius explains the giving back piece very well in this webinar:
I also attended the Cornelius session but he didn't spoke about the hours spent in writing content . He spoke only about hours in presenting content.

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