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Should I study a masters in Project Management

I'm considering studying a masters in Project Management to further my career. Is this something that's worth doing?

In my PM network there are a lot of people I look up to who have achieved a lot in their careers and are managing huge projects. None of them however have done any further study than a bachelors degree. Through their years of experience they're able to be the brilliant Project Managers that they are.

I'm sure that this is somewhere that I'll get to eventually, but it's my opinion that in future, further study will be required to jump to the next level. I have the opportunity to complete this study now.

Appreciate your thoughts on the topic

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I spent more than 3 years comparing MSPM programs to MBAs and finally decided to do a MSPM. It is very worth it! I attended MBA classes and although they are very valuable, they have no direct impact on what we do every day.

The problem is that finding a good University program is not as easy as it may sound. Most schools speak of PMBOK and do not prepare PMs to manage complex projects and programs.

I ended up accepted in one of the best schools and can't wait to get started!

Just a while ago I found an interesting article that touched my sweet spot! Link is below
Great advice in this thread: I too have been thinking about further education for a very long time and I think there are some good points here that I will bear in mind for the future.
Oct 19, 2010 8:18 AM
Replying to anonymous
Hi Warwick,

I totally diasgree with what Julie has stated for a number of reasons:

a) MBAs are a dime-a-dozen. Most MBAs offer a subject or elective in Project Management. This does not qualify an MBA graduate to 'properly' run projects. They think they do, but until they do a masters degree, I am afraid they are not as qualified as they think.
b) Have you ever heard of a General Manager with an MBA who becomes a project director? Nope! It's the other way round. Why? Organisations want managers who have the great skills that project management gives you. They value these skills greatly and I know lots of people who have gotten senior roles as a result.
c) I have my Masters of Project Management and this qualification sticks out in my CV when I apply for great jobs. I know lots of guys with MBAs who are still in low management jobs. A Masters in this great field is definitely sought after and sticks out more than an MBA.
d) I did mine at RMIT and yes, a lot was around construction. However, most of what I learned was generic and extremely valuable.'I work in IT.
e) Lots of people get their PMP or RegPM and coupled with years of experience think they know everything about project management. They don't and get caught out quickly. What you need to do is work in the field, get your RegPM or above and then do your Masters as the cherry on top and to fill the gap between just plain experience and academic study and shows you a whole new way and world regarding project management.

I had a PM come to a risk workshop I held who cliamed that he had 20 years experience and knew what risks were..Risk of not meeting schedule, budget and scope! No idea and get found out quickly.

Go for it and good luck!

My recomemndation is absolutely go for it! You will learn heaps and it will put you in great stead. I rin a PMO of around 140 staff and have seen lots of CVs and heard lots of claims. MBA or not, without the combination of experience, accerditation and some sort of academic study, I won't hire.
Hi Les,

I would like to pursue a Masters Degree in PM at RMIT as well. I want to be a PM in the construction industry in the future. May I know what bachelor major did you take? Do you recommend taking a bachelors that is construction related or a business one? Thank you
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