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How can i claim PDU's by volunteering as a blog coordinator and also bt writing articles?
I am currently volunteering as a blog and webinar coordinator but I am not sure how to claim PDU'S for the time devoted.

Also how are the PDU measured for writing articles for a blog?
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Hi Amrapali,

You can report your PDUs by clicking on the following link:

You may report your contribution under the "Read" category that is for "Qualifying reading materials include (but are not limited to) informational, non-fiction books, articles, white papers, or blogs."

When you click on the "Read", you will be asked to provide the following information relating to the activity you are reporting.

1) Author
2) Title
3) Description
4) URL (Optional)
5) Date Started
6) Date Ended

Finally, you need to provide what you are claiming your PDUs under by providing the increments under one or more of three PMI triangle - Technical, Leadership, or Strategic.

Please note, one hour of effort equals to one PDU, and the PDUs can be reported in quarterly (0.25) increments.

I hope this information helps.
You may also report your work under "Create Content" section if you like.
Ashish made good points.
You can also manually report them in the CCRS under Volunteer if you were volunteering.

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