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New technologies in contract management
Has anyone applied new technologies (such as blockchain, smart contracts, machine learning) in contract management (or supply chain management)?

My goal is to understand how we can apply these technologies under a project management scenario.
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I did that and I am in charge of that in my actual work place. Is not a matter of project management, forget about it. Is a matter of creating a solution where the project is just the way to create it.
I do agree with Sergio.

Here is the link to an Accenture's Case Study that provides an insight into the blockchain technology for contracts:

Blockchain and supply chain: let's take an example of the complex coffee supply chain (planting & growing (trees), harvesting, hulling, drying, packing, bulking, blending, roasting beans, brewing).

In general, blockchain technology enables the coffee supply chain players - farmers, intermediaries, processors, government agencies, exporters, dealers, roasters, retailers, to record data in the commodity's journey. Overall, there are +25 million smallholder farmers in the coffee supply chain.

Here is a concrete example: the Coffee Board of India blockchain coffee marketplace (launched in 2019); +30,000 registered farmers, a mobile app, and a web portal; a short video shows you how it works

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