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Can any one suggest which project management tool is best to use while working and sharing with multiple clients. Where one client cannot view other client's task or work?
I needs details about the project management tools which has the feature of sharing the work progress with multiple clients and one client should not have the access to view other project in progress.
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In this case I tailor the information for each stakeholder and put it into a PDF that they will understand and find useful.
Many of the higher end PPM tools have that capability (e.g. CA PPM, Eclipse). You could also do this with the enterprise version of MS Project if you are focusing mostly on schedule data.

Honestly, most clients don't have licenses for Project anyway in a lot of cases so just sending a PDF (or posting it somewhere) tends to work best in my experience.
An alternative to PDFs are data hubs like SharePoint. You can use your standard tools, partition the information by project, and control the access requirements.

That can eliminate the need to export PDFs of things every time you're asked, and does not require you or your clients acquire new expensive software.

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