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Looking for the right Project Management software
Dear PM-Community,

I work in a company (100 employees) producing and selling signs and work-safety equipment. We have some inter-divisional projects esp. between our Marketing, Product Management and E-Commerce division. Most departments are still using MS Excel oder Google Sheets for their project documentation. My goal is to improve transparency and efficiency through a nice and user-friendly Kanban-card based software.

We are looking for the following features:

1) Task-Manager: different tasks add up to a project including timelines, milestones and responsible persons. The manager can create and assign tasks.

2) Add recurring tasks (every Monday 10-12 oclock…)

3) At least two kinds of visualization:

• Workflow visualization by a realtime progress-chart
• Kanban-card dashboard (the classical stacks e.g. ideas, in process, completed…)

4) Client control: User A can only see projects / cards 1,3,5 User B projects 2 and 4 while the Project-leader / Manager can see all projects and tasks…

5) Filter tasks and projects by employee (e.g. by assigning labels to tasks)

6) File attachments

7) Tracking of working time: each person have to log-in to a task, so that we can see the process time of a task or project

8) Nice and easy look and usability for best acceptance


1) Budgeting and controlling (costs for service providers, equipment etc.)

2) Interface to MS Exchange / Outlook calendar for time management (e.g. blocking 2 hours in the project management software will automatically block this time in Outlook)

For the time being, it doesn't matter whether the software is cloud-based or self-hosted. However, a fixed price solution is preferred. We need licenses for apprx. 20 employees.

Can someone give a recommendation?

Thank you!

Btw: the complexity of our projects is quite low-level
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Excel is a horrible PM tool - it's usuable but it sucks.

The question is what kind of process approach are you using? If you're using Agile many people favor JIRA. For waterfall, most people favor MS Project.

There is a similar version to MS Project that's free called Open Libre which would do a lot of scheduling.

I haven't set up access so I'm really not sure how to address that part of the question
Hi Susan, thank you. I guess an Agile tool would fit better for us, because we need the software almost exclusively for our internal projects, e.g. to manage Marketing campaigns or R&D. Can JIRA also track the actual working time? Alternatively, can you recommend a non-cloud based software for installation on our internal servers? Jira Server is available only until Feb-2021.
A Software would only work if you have a process in place and you have people adhering to it. In other words, the “Will / Skill “ issues have been addressed OR there is a plan in place for them.

The kind of Software is going to be directly dependent on the amount of tasks & data you are going to load with.

Excel could be effectively used if majority of your data is single-dimensional and small – like a few numbers and alphabets and words.

MS Project – suggested if all of your team have been using Microsoft products.

If you are a die-hard fan of LEAN and Kanban AND if the software is going to be used only by few intellectuals, then you might want to consider Trello, BaseCamp, Teamwork and MeisterTask

However, if you expect that the software and the information in it should speak to you to make business decisions then its not a project management software you are looking for. Instead, it’s a BI tool that you need.
I'm evaluating for PM software too. We have MS Projects Online which is great for the detail project plans and I like the ease of creating the roadmap. However, it's cumbersome in other ways such as attaching documents and doesn't allow sharing without a license. Need to share with Executives but don't want to purchase licenses just for them to view it during the standing meetings.

PMO needs to track high level projects for executive presentations, reviews/approvals and budgeting. My IT management needs to track projects, staff assignments, weekly status' and timelines.

I'm looking a, StatDash and ProjectManager.

I've heard good things about - price wise it's over my current budget as I have 15 staff and the enterprise version starts at 25 licenses.

StatDash seems to have a good weekly status but I haven't fully checked it out.

Would appreciate any shared experiences with these PM tools or other tools I should evaluate.

Thank you.
Check out the following segregation

Features vs Tool

a) Feature Number 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, + Optional 1 = Project (Not sure about feature 4)

b) Feature Number 1,2,3,5,6,7,8 = Asana, Click Up, Monday
c) Feature Number 1,3,5,6,7,8 = Wrike
d) Feature Number 1,3,4,5,6,7,8 = Xebrio

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