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Can anyone share an example of a project management plan?
Can anyone share an example of a project management plan? I'm looking for excellent examples.
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Genora -

It might help if you narrowed down the industry or type of project you are interested in. Have you checked the Templates section of the community as there may be some there...

Scale is important also. For some projects I can work off a one page plan. For others, it takes many pages just to reference all the sub-tier plans.
Check templates section:

a PMO might develop a specific project methodology (a project handbook or a guide) which would contain most of what a project specific plan includes. Processes and roles used, a lifecycle approach, change procedures, quality procedures, governance etc are examples of parts of a plan that can be generalized.

Examples are

Each project can then concentrate on what deviates from those and what is specific to the project like the WBS, the orgchart, the schedule and budget.
Is difficult to do that because project management plan is a document composed by subplan documents like scope management plan, risk management plan, etc.
Try browsing through, we've got some good templates here

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