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How to introduce Project Management to an Organization?
Currently stuck trying to figure out the best way to introduce and implement a PM structure for my organization. Has anyone had to introduce PM from scratch? How did you go about it? What is some advice or tips would you give someone starting this structure in an organization?

The projects I am involved in are mainly IT related but sometimes branch to Manufacturing Projects.
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Erick -

How good is the sponsorship for this shift and how committed are they to supporting you through the transition?

If there is little awareness of the discipline, I'd start with providing some basic training to key stakeholders, and then focus on introducing changes which will address the biggest perceived pain points.

Take an incremental approach to the changes and ensure the folks who need to change what they are doing have a say in what the changes are.

In other words, follow good OCM principles :-)

Use an incremental approach and best practices.

It's about clearly defining what your organization wants from a PM.
It can be, for example, the personality that an organization wants from that person.
You should learn what skills your organization needs to get the job done smoothly and successfully.
And organizations need to develop experts with the necessary skills to carry them out.
I do that from long time ago as part of my duties that helps me to bring the bread to my table. Lot can be write here but the key question is: why the organization need to introduce project management? Organizations are open and adaptable systems that answer environmental stimuli thanks the defined strategy. Strategy is implemented by the defined functions/process. So, project management functions/process must be defined as part of the strategy in order to face any change of the environment then as part of a solution for the whole business. If you do not convince everybody about that then forget about to be successful.
as all organizations do projects, there is no doubt for me they can benefit from making PM more professional.

Asking for the why is meant to find the best suited start. This depends on your situation.

For example you have one executive / sponsor who wants PM. Discuss with him what exactly he needs to have improved.

I have seen why‘s like establish visibility about how our key projects are doing, reduce my time in project escalations, raise the capability level of staff in projects, improve our risk management and resilience, reduce our cost wasted on failed projects.

For each of those you can set your priorities for introducing PM.
What problem or perceived problem are you trying to solve? That is the key question. Once that is understood then come up with a plan to deliver the solution.

The question is not - how do I implement project management. The root question is how do I positively impact on delivering the solution.

If it's a cost issue - focus on cost management
If it's a time issue then focus on scheduling
If its a quality issue - focus on quality management
If it's communication - etc

Project management is a process, a pretty massive process by looking at PMBOK. Don't go in with a process manual, go in with a quest to help deliver.
there are great answers from the professionals, I will just add the experience I had with the same situation before you introduce you need to have a good study of your organization and find out the problems sponsor or top management has, and will recommend solving these problems at the same time introduce new items to the system.
Don't try to introduce project management for software development. Instead focus on good product management, organizational agility and aligning development teams to product/value streams.

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