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Capacity/Staffing tracker
Hi...I am looking for a capacity/staffing tracker?
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Gaurav -

You'll need to provide more details of the specific requirements - how many projects/operational activities, how many staff to track, what type of reporting are you expecting and so on. What are the objectives for implementing this solution?

Otherwise, a simple MS Excel spreadsheet would do the trick...

You better provide more detail
Why? What problem are you trying to solve? Have you considered the risk/benefit of such an action? What's happening now with regards to staff assignment?
To illustrate the above comments, here are some examples to differentiate different types:

Work cell member capacity: People have a visual Red/Green indicator to show whether they are busy, or available to take on more work.

Organization capacity: Estimated staffing required for each project is collected in a "sand-pile chart" to compare the total workload to the total staffing level.

SME capacity: Certain experts may be needed on many projects, so a resource calendar may be required to show what they are working when, and when they are available, to plan project work and potentially adjust priorities.
Perhaps some templates can be added, under the Templates menu?

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