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Updates to project documents and pmp components
Hi guys! I would like to share an observation with respect to pmbok 10.2.3 Manage Communications chapter, which I find strange, and maybe you could comment on this.
Every Executing process that updates a project document or a component of the project management plan also has Change Request as an output, which makes sense, because we are in Executing, which means the baselines are already released, therefore you need a CR for an update to project documents or pmp components. However, Manage Communications is the only process which updates project documents and PMP components, but doesn't have Change Request in outputs.
Anybody has an idea why?
Thank you.
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Alexandru -

That is because CRs come out of Monitor Communications like many other Monitoring & Control processes.

Agree with @Kiron. The CR, just in case is needed, has to be created in Monitor Communications because is the place where you ensuring the needs of communications are met.

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