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Rewards and Recognition
It is important to have the rewards and recognition in place in the organization to boost the morale of the individual.
But still, there are challenges we face as a manager and as an individual working in a team because we are dealing with humans and not robots.

How do you deal with the issues coming up like:
1. Gender biased roles?
2. What if you feel others take credit for your work?
3. Whose responsibility is to recognize the efforts?
4.Looping your manager in every mail may not help as it may create a political environment

How these issues can be addressed as a manager happening in your team and also as a team member happening with you.

Views from both the perspective are welcomed.
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Hi Poorvi,
This is quite a divisive issue and such a debatable one too... personally, I think rewards and recognition should be genuine and not gender bias... It may be very risky to issue a reward and recognition to a worker just to strike a gender balance.
Because rewards and recognitions are usually subjective in every organization I was it really does not matter for me except for the annual bonus. It does not mean I am aware of those things that motivates people who is working with me to make them as happy as I can in their daily work.
Poorvi -

While managers should be provided some budget for "in the moment" and more formal rewards, I also feel that you get better outcomes if there are budgets set aside to enable team members to recognize one another (i.e. peer-level recognition) and whole team rewards.

Only having individual rewards granted by managers encourages real and perceived favoritism.

Sergio and Kiron made good points.
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