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How do you handle current projects when establishing a new IT steering committee?
I am looking to establish a new IT steering committee; however, I am not sure how to handle current projects that didn't previously go through the process. What is the best method to handle current projects?
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What is the scope of this steering committee, Ben? Is it purely looking at the intake and prioritization of new projects or will it be actively involved in steering in flight ones?

If the former, then there should be little involvement for active projects whereas if it is the latter then you'd want to apply good change management practices to apprise the sponsor, PM and key stakeholders of the active projects about the new governance expectations.

Ben, it depends on how much change there will be for the current projects (so they have to invest) and if the PMs do receive value out of the new IT SC.

You could consider a transition period, where those projects are exempt or only required to adapt slightly to new reporting.

The best way is if you can find benefits for those projects (as well as for the new ones), like
- access to additional funds
- quicker decision making
- working escalations
- some PMs might find it good to be able tp present in person, ego-feeding
You do not need a IT steering commitee. You need people that will decide for program/projects to continue, be killed, be put on-hold. So, you focus has to be the needed information ready for that people to decide. After that, call it as you want.

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