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i am getting started up with Project management and would like to know about how to start and prepare for the examinations

What kind of study material i need to follow and could someone can give me clear guidance as i am very new here

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The key to pass the exam is reading and understanding all the documentation which exists inside the PMIĀ“s related certification website, mainly the content outline.
Rao -

If you are getting started with project management, I'd suggest you take a non-certification-focused foundational course in project management first and focus on gaining some experience before pursuing any certifications.

You can contact me via email -
[email protected],

I will let you know how and where to start. I was in the same limbo when I started preparing for PMP.

Depending on your existing qualification, experience, and understanding of project management it will be an interesting journey for you.

I agree with Kiron and Sergio.

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