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Recommended steps to review/ assess time schedule for construction projects
I think most of us is seeking standard procedures (in light of PMBOK of course) to prepare, review & assess time schedules (especially for construction projects).
So, I was wondering if any of you read about this topic, or can help with any ideas.
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I think the most reliable resource for the schedule is past experience. You need to speak with experienced people who have completed similar projects and/or tasks.
Check the following references:
1. (purchase) CPM Scheduling for Construction - Best Practices and Guidelines (561 pages, from PMI's Scheduling Excellence Initiative Committee);
2. (free online) Schedule Assessment Guide - Best Practices for Project Schedules (GAO-16-89G, December 2015, from the US Government Accountability Office);
3. (purchase) Original Baseline Schedule Review - As Applied in Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (78R-13, from AACE International).
If you are using primavera or Microsoft project software, it will be very easy to pull out all the records.

Furthermore, upon your current state of project data, you can run the schedule stimulation with constraints to analyses your upcoming schedule.
Thank you Abolfazl Yousefi Darestani, Saleem Ahamed Lappachyali.
I appreciate your contribution and your time, the point I'm asking for checklist when reviewing schedules before formal approval (for example: time frame & milestones, reasonable activity durations, no open ends, out of sequence activities, critical activities count/ ratio, resource loading, etc..) .

In other words, guidelines for preparing time schedule.

Once again, Thank you for your valuable replies.
Yassin, the moment you say "checklist", then the "DCMA 14-Point Schedule Assessment" checklist - the basis of some very basic schedule quality dashboards - will get mentioned. This kind of check should be only the first step in a detailed review, but most organizations seem to stop once the dashboard lights are all green. A valid review really depends on the details of the project scope.
It looks that referring planning forms which are adapted with PMBOK 6th will may help you. It is not only one form, but also start from schedule management plan form through out Activity list/ Attribute/ Milestone/ Duration and project schedule.

I could not attach the file here, in case you still need those for reference, inbox to me and I will share.
I absoloutely agree with Thomas about the RP for baseline review from AACEI. There are a few other RP'S as well for update review's which provide detailed steps/checklist starting with system checks (calculation settings etc.) and activity checks (date analysis, progress analysis, codes, relationships, constraints, resources, costs). There are also software's available that automate most of these steps to make life easier.

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