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Breaking into PM field
Posted Jan 15, 2001, 06:50 PM

I was hoping someone could help me with info on how someone with minimum Project Management experience could break into the field. I do have some IT experience in healthcare industry. I also worked as a registered nurse in a hospital for 11 yrs before trasferring to IT. Any information would be appreciated.
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I have seen a former registered nurse with 20 yrs experience with minimal project experience transform into a Project Manager and lead a big globalĀ@project regarding performance measurement for an operations with a major US investment bank. I think it is important to perhaps first pinpoint which industry you may be interested. Healthcare in hospitals have alot of similiarities with operations/process improvement in investment banking.
I would suggest you go for as many job interviews as you can to see what type of skills employers are looking for. You never know your luck, you may get offered a job. It is important to look through job applications, ensure you pick up on key project words and use these words in your resume to describe past work experience.

If you want to stay in the healthcare field and IT, check the website for jobs, check for jobs online with and with the PMI IT SIG (I think they have jobs on their site). Go to your local PMI chapter meeting; they often have tables where you can leave your resume. Usually, you do not have to be a member to attend one meeting.


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