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MS Office 365 Rollout- SharePoint On-Premise to SharePoint Online Migration
Need some help with a Sharepoint On-Premise to Online Migration Project which I recently took over as PM. I want to put some process and estimates in place to scope the entire effort out both to estimate resource needs and Schedule. To give some high level insight , the company has total of around 200 site collection that then split into 5000 sub sites in total in the SharePoint on-prem environment. As some of you'll might know that SharePoint Online space doesn't have the concept of Site collections and hierarchy's, hence each of these 5000 sites need to be treated as an individual site for the migration and hence as an individual migration project based on the complexity of the site. We are currently using Excel to manage the list of sites and the status of the ongoing migration. I believe there could be a better way to estimate resource needs (Currently Missing), manage schedule(Currently done on a high level for the site itself based on inputs from the migration team rather than task level for site) and Tracking status (Currently managed on excel). I would really appreciate some pointers on how to best manage such a project ?
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Hello Richard,

You seem to have a tough task at hands.

In terms of the approach, I would first probably evaluate the need to migrate everything to the online version. First of all, it is bound that there are some Sharepoint sites which are no longer used, in which case maybe archiving them would be easier (howhever this is not something I am sure about ...) and it would cut down some of the work. Secondly, some of the business teams might want to re-work their sites and this would be a good opportunity to start from scratch.
I would try also to split the number of site collections by work packages to get an easier overview of the work to be done and do the evaluation of the resources needed and to build the schedule.

In terms of PM, it is quite usual processes and techniques, then the project management system you use is up to you or your organisation.

I would maybe try to plan iterations so you roll out as you go and concentrate on small list of sites instead of a big bang migration, but you would need to evaluate this in terms of feasibility, effort, technical aspects and business needs.
Thanks for your reply Adela,

Lets say the number of sites that need to be migrated even after the discovery phase falls from 5000 to 2000. Would you recommend having a task level project plan for each of these individual sites(Total of 2000 project plans) ?

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