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Project management/portfolio management systems
What project management/portfolio management systems have you worked with and what do you find to be the best? Looking at making a change and wanted to do some research on off the shelf options. Looking to find out what capabilities are out there in different systems and what the benefits/downfalls are with different systems.
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Olivia -

There's a high-level comparison of multiple PPM/PM tools here:

Gartner also has some good comparisons of the key players.

In general, you should understand the information needs of your stakeholders and the specific processes you wish to automate before looking at the market.

A system is not a software. This must be taken into account do not fail. When you define your portfolio/program system then you can search for a tool that could be a software tool. I worked with lot of them. Today we are in the process to migrate to Microsoft Azure DevOps while we are still using Clarity PPM.
Project/Portfolio management tool selection depends on the requirements. Example: If you need portfolio resource constrained scheduling and optimization taking into account project priorities, all resource, financial and supply constraints then Spider Project Professional is your only choice.
Create a list of the software features that are must or nice to have and look for the software that best fits to your special requirements.
I use and have used Project Online for years and it has always been a great tool. Some great suggestions, look at what you need in features, but better yet, understand the processes you have in place already and then worry about getting a tool. So many people jump to a tool solution and they miss the nuts and bolts of having a solid process in place.

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