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PMI Volunteering
Is anyone here a volunteer? Can you share the tasks related to some of the projects you've been involved with?
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Good day,

I am not a volunteer but believe that you can find opportunities through your local branch. One way would be to volunteer with pmi the organization ( I see that you're in Bahrain and that you're looking for volunteer opportunities in project management. Considering you also have noted college of surgeons perhaps you'd want to network with this group:
I actively participate as volunteer. I do not participate as volunteer in local chapter. I participate as volunteer taking opportunities from PMIĀ“s Volunteer Relationship Management System (VRMS). You can go to the web page and search for them or create alerts from your areas of interest. About share related tasks I do not have them because my work in the last years was as Standards Author and Reviewer and Exam Certification Questions SME then after the PMI selected me then a program/project leader work with me and I just perform my duties as part of the team.

yes, I am a volunteer since 1988.

Starting with serving the local Chapter Board, I also was a volunteer for regional and global PMI activities like exam question writing, standards development, nomination committees, REP reviewer, PoY award juror and much more.
From 2006, I was on the PMi Board of Director twice for 3 years and 6 years on the Ethics Review Committee.
Today I am a volunteer at large, supporting a Chapter local group to setup events (webinars).

Outside PMI, I am a mentor to 10 people, 4 refugees in Germany and several people as a PM career mentor.

Volunteering changed me, my career and life. The confidence born from volunteering helped me a lot to be a better PM in business. Servant leadership and politics are skills you can develop in the sandbox of volunteering.

Yes, I'm volunteer in my local chapter, also always looking for oportunities to support the PMP community checking here or in their site.

Also, I'm a TEDxSaltLakeCity co-organizer.

Volunteering gave me the leadership skills, the patience and the confidence to progress in my professional career.
this also helps, someone else had something of a similar question:

this may also be of interest:
I'm not yet PMI Voluneering but I'm always make a merit in many opportunity in my country.
Yes, i'm volunteer in my local chapter, Portugal. Also collaborating with local Toastmasters club, initially created to support project managers.
Fatema -

Focusing purely on PMI and its chapters, I've been volunteering since 2000. Over that time, I've:

1. Served on the board of directors for my local chapter, first as the Professional Development director (identifying and planning PD events for members) and then as Communications director (planning and executing all member communications).

2. Contributed to multiple standards & practice guides as a reviewer

3. Participated in PMP exam item writing sessions - reviewing and refining existing questions and writing new ones for the exam "pool"

4. Serving as the community moderator for many years for the PMI Project, Program and Portfolio Management LinkedIn discussion group

5. Contributing to creating and reviewing content for PMI Standards Plus

6. Delivering multiple presentations to my Chapter and other Chapters around the world on a variety of PM-related topics


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